Four handbills relating to the election of the Society's council and officers for 1870, and a copy of 'Report of the Auditors of the Accounts of the Zoological Society of London, Appointed January 21, 1869.'

Zoological Society of London [Philip Lutley Sclater; Edward Greenaway; Edward Johnstone; James Tennant; Alexander Nowell Sherson; H. E. Dresser; Robert Low; F. Du Cane Godman]
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Report dated from '11 Hanover Square, February 26, 1869'; handbills all dated 1869.

All items are good, on lightly aged paper. The 'Report of the Auditors of the Accounts' is seven pages, octavo, stitched and unbound. It consists of five full-page tables: 'Receipts', 'Payments', 'Comparison of Receipts in 1867 and 1868', 'Comparison of Payments in 1867 and 1868' and one showing 'The Assets and Liabilities of the Society on the 31st of December 1868'. Comment by the seven auditors (all named) on final page, remarking on 'the unexampled state of prosperity of the Zoological Society at the close of the previous year'. The four handbills are each on one side of a 12mo leaf.

Typed Letter Signed to G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

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19 January 1926; on letterhead of the 'Zoological Society of London, | REGENT'S PARK, | London, N.W.8.'

British zoologist (1864-1945), Secretary of the Zoological Society of London, under whose guidance Whipsnade Zoological Park was created; attached to Department of Military Intelligence during World War I, and 'chiefly responsible for the distribution of propaganda behind the German lines' (Who's Who). One page, quarto. Very good on creased and ruckled paper. Docketed and bearing Royal Society of Arts stamp. Signed 'P. Chalmers Mitchell'. He is just back from holiday and is sending an Honorary Admission to 'Mr. William Perry - your Assistant Secretary.

Autograph Letter Signed to [R. N. Freakes].

David Seth-Smith
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10 March 1934, on embossed letterhead 'CURATORS HOUSE | ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS, N.W.8.'

Presenter of 1930's show on BBC radio, 'The Zoo Man'. 1 page, 12mo. Folded twice. In good condition. 'All you can do for your parrot is to paint the jaws with iodine, but I am afraid the trouble may be with the kidneys & in that case you cannot do much. | Give quite simple food, nothing fattening | Yours truly, | D. Seth-Smith "The Zoo Man". Seth-Smith's book 'The Zoo Man Speaking' was published by Thomas Nelson in 1937. In grubby stamped envelope addressed in autograph to Freakes.

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