[ The Oxford Architectural Society. ] Bookplate of the Society, by the wood-engraver Orlando Jewitt, on mount signed by secretaries John Portal and Robert Wilmot.

Orlando Jewitt [ Thomas Orlando Sheldon Jewitt ] (1799-1869), architectural wood-engraver [ The Oxford Architectural Society; The Society for promoting the Study of Gothic Architecture
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[ Executed for the Oxford Architectural Society. ] Inscription on mount dated 'A: A: May 1850.'

A scarce piece of Oxford ephemera. The Society for promoting the Study of Gothic Architecture was founded in 1839; renamed the Oxford Architectural Society in 1848; renamed the Oxford Architectural and Historical Society in 1860; merged with The Oxfordshire Archaeological Society in 1972 to become The Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society. In good condition, printed in black ink on a 15 x 11 cm piece of white India paper, laid down on a 22 x 18.5 cm grey card mount. At the foot of the design, in tiny letters, is engraved 'O. JEWITT. | DEL.

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent.

J. W. Whymper.
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43 Lambeth Road, 30 Sept. 1876

Wood-engraver. Two pages, 8vo, good condition. "I have just received yr last two drawings. / I will have these drawn I think, for photography gives a coat to the wood and when you think your tints are too light - you find them too dark. / With regard to the Beach cut I am persuaded that in printing it will now come very near the original, the colours of which I think you must have forgotten, and I have written to Mr Smiles (who seems to wish to get on without the subject) to try it at press - now it has been more finished - which I trust you will also approve. . . . PS.

Autograph letter signed to[Malcolm] Mackenzie.

Ethelbert White
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14 (corrected in ink) The Grove, Hampstead, N.W.3, 25 April 1947.

Wood-engraver, illustrator, painter. Two pages, 4to, with woodcut of house in heading. He has just returned from a caravan "where I have been painting. April showers may bring forth May flowers but the watercolour painter must be very wary. He had heard that he had two paintings at the RA but had missed the varnishing day "on which artists have the opportunity to meet. Several of our R.W.S. numbers are well-represented. Your letter to Mr Carter has already I am glad to hear borne fruit in the 'Daily Mail'.

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