[Sir Arnold Wesker, playwright.] Two Typed Letters Signed (both 'Arnold Wesker') to Israeli author Aubrey Hodes, regarding his touring festival Centre 42, the English attitude to 'culture outside the commercial framework' and Israeli arts funding.

Sir Arnold Wesker (1932-2016), playwright and author [Aubrey Hodes, Israeli author; Centre 42; New Wave; Kitchen Sink Drama; Angry Young Men; Jewish writers]
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20 Fitzroy Square, London, N1. 17 October 1962.

Both 1p, 4to, and in good condition, lightly aged and folded once. Both letters addressed to Hodes at Beit Rosenberg, Keron Heyesod Street, Herzlia-on-Sea, Israel. The subject of the letters is Centre 42, the touring arts group Wesker formed to bring culture to the masses on his release from prison, following a sentence for civil disobedience with the Committee of 100 in opposition to nuclear weapons. The group moved to the Roundhouse in London in 1964.

[Sir Arnold Wesker, playwright.] Typed Letter Signed ('Arnold') to playwright Bernard Kops, appealing for copies of his plays to send to Cuba, which he has visited, finding that they have 'very bad theatre', due to 'their intolerable isolation'.

Sir Arnold Wesker (1932-2016), playwright and author [Bernard Kops (b.1923), playwright; New Wave; Kitchen Sink Drama; Angry Young Men; Jewish writers]
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27 Bishop's Road, London, N6. 24 November 1964.

1p, 4to. In fair condition, aged and lightly creased. Folded twice. The letter begins: 'Dear Bernard, | You probably know that I have just returned from Cuba and it was an exciting trip. | Unfortunately, one of the most depressing things was their very bad theatre; this is particularly because it is new and has no tradition, but also, to a great extent, due to their intolerable isolation.' Although there is little that they can do, Wesker promised to 'send as many plays and books' as he can.

Typed Letter Signed from Arnold Wesker to Renee Hellman of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, regarding his 'favourite recipe'.

Arnold Wesker (b.1932), English playwright of the 'kitchen sink' school [Renee Hellman; Imperial Cancer Research Fund; Alan Bates]
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27 Bishops Road, London N6. 11 October 1965.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. He asks her whether she means by 'a favourite recipe' one 'which I know of that others are likely not to know of? Or just one that I like but might well be familiar?' He ends by suggesting that she try asking Alan Bates, 'who I think has a secret recipe'. He gives an address for the actor.

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