[Printed periodical.] 'Special Norway Number' of 'Social Credit | A Journal of Economic Democracy | The Official Organ of the Social Credit Secretariat', with articles by Major C. H. Douglas, Maurice Colbourne and Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury.

The Social Credit Secretariat, London [ Major C. H. Douglas [ Major Clifford Hugh Douglas ] (1879-1952); Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury; Maurice Colbourne ]
Publication details: 
17 May 1935 (Vol. 2. No. 14.). The Social Credit Secretariat, 8-9 Essex Street, London, W.C.2. Printed by The Blackfriars Press, Ltd.

16pp., folio, paginated 217-232. In fair condition, on aged and lightly creased paper. The front page is devoted to the article National Dividends are Necessary Says The Very Rev. Dr. Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury'. Pp.221-222 carry the article (with photograph of author and graph) 'The Causes of War | Is Our Money System to Blame? | By Major C. H. Douglas; and the back page carries 'Kings and Kingship | By Maurice Colbourne | (Author of "Economic Nationalism.")'. There are several items of Scandinavian interest: 'A Norwegian Pioneer - By Eric S.

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