[ Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges, South African explorer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('F. A. Mitchell-Hedges') to J. H. Roberts, describing the 'strange country' of Honduras.

F. A. Mitchell-Hedges [ Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges ] (1882-1959), English adventurer, traveler and writer, best known for the Crystal Skull hoax
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On letterhead of the Hotel Prats ('Montado al estilo Americano'), Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 28 July 1926.

1p., 8vo. Aged and worn, with chipping along one edge, and tape repairs at head. The recipient, J. H. Roberts, was an autograph hunter: it is doubtful that Mitchell-Hedges would have written in such a style had he been aware of this fact. He states that the letter Roberts sent him 'apparently never reached the boat', and that his secretary sent it out to British Honduras: 'it has become mutilated in the post & there was nothing within except an addressed envelope'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. L. Kingsley') to 'Mr. <Dekler?>'.

William Lathrop Kingsley (1824-1896), proprietor and editor of the 'New Englander and Yale Review'
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21 July 18<91?>; New Haven.

8vo: 4 pp. Good. Difficult handwriting. He wants him to keep the cheque, which he considers 'only a compromise between our different expectations'. 'I know that you deserve the larger sum that you spoke of - but it is a tight squeeze to make the & expenses for the year of the New Englander come out even, and I do the best I can.' With seven-line postscript.

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