[ North African Campaign, 1940-1943. ] Duplicated four-page document giving 'Some Golden rules for the desert', 'Tips for the desert' and 'Hints on desert driving for "B" vehicles'. With signature of Lt M. P. M. Ollard, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

North African Campaign, British Army, 1940-1943 [ Lt M. P. M. Ollard of 154 (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery; Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein ]
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[ North African Campaign, British Army, 1940-1943. ]

4pp., 4to. On four leaves. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with minor rust marks from paperclip. Ownership signature at top right of first page: 'Lt M P M Ollard'. The pages are numbered in type 5 [corrected in manuscript to '1'], 2, 3 and 4. The first page is headed 'Some golden rules for the desert', with subheadings 'Desert March Discipline', 'Protection', 'Navigation', 'Messing, Rations etc.', 'Maintenance' and 'General'. The next section is headed 'Tips for the desert', with subheadings 'Clothing', 'Stores and Equipment', 'M.

Manuscript diary for the year 1944 by an English army officer ('H. E. Nash?') in the 23rd Armoured Brigade of the British Eighth Army in the Second World War.

[Diary of an officer in the 23rd Armoured Brigade, British Eighth Army, 1946]
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Entries from 1 January to 27 December 1944.

Text on 87 pp of a 8vo 1944 'Surrey Desk Diary' (Mitcham: Surrey Manufacturing Co.). Text clear and complete. Volume in good condition on aged paper. While the author's ownership signature at the front of the volume ('', ', '') is not decipherable, there are clues to his identity: his birthday is on 24 June, he states on 5 October that he is in the 23rd Armoured Brigade, and on 19 August he gives his Identity Card No. as 116941. He begins as a sergeant, and by 13 January is 'H.Q. Troop commander, which, out of action, no schemes, no censoring, doesn't amount to much'.

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