[Peter Ustinov, film and theatre actor.] Autograph Card Signed ('Peter (USTINOV)'), describing himself as a 'lousy correspondent', regarding his mother's death and his own 'shyness'.

Peter Ustinov [Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov] (1921-2004), Academy Award winning film and theatre actor, author [his mother the artist Nadia Benois [Nadezhda Leontievna Ustinova] (1896-1975)]
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Paris. 23 June 1975.

Seventeen lines of text, on both sides of a piece of grey card. In good condition. Written in felt-tip pen, and difficult to decipher in places, as for example the Paris address and name of recipient. Begins: 'Surprise, surprise, dear [?], it is no longer true that I have not answered a single letter. Dear Nadia was so popular a person that I am still struggling with an Everest of condolences, and this far happier event has given me a momentary pause in my labours'.

[Sheena Tennant, niece of Margot Asquith.] Large collection of original autograph sheet music by 'one of the first women composers' (she studied under Nadia Boulanger), together with eight printed piano pieces by her.

Sheena Lilian Grant Tennant (1883-1974, later Kendall), daughter of James Tennant (1852-1933) of Fairlieburne, Fairlie, Ayrshire, Scotland, industrialist and cousin of Margot Asquith
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Manuscript material, dating from between 1902 and 1933, mainly from Fairlieburne, Fairlie, Argyllshire, Scotland. Seven of the printed scores published by The Frederick Harris Company, London, 1912 to 1929. The other by Augener Ltd, London, 1908.

The collection comprises a large collection of autograph sheet music, together with copies of nine published piano pieces. Accompanying the collection is an autograph note by Sheena Tennant's son Hugh Kendall: 'These books, with accompanying score sheets, represent something rather unusual - the compositional examples of my mother, aspiring as she did to be what she saw herself as - one of the first women composers.

[Nadia Boulanger.] Eight pages of Autograph musical annotations and text in French, at the start of a notebook containing the musical scores of several pieces by her pupil Sheena Tennant (including 'Sarabande' and 'Pluie d'Ete').

Nadia Boulanger (1887-1979), French composer, conductor and teacher [Sheena Lilian Kendall (1883-1974), daughter of James Tennant (1852-1933) of Fairlieburne, Fairlie, Ayrshire, Scotland]
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Undated, but at Clichy, Paris, France, between 1909 and 1911.

6pp. by Boulanger, out of 46pp. in a landscape 14.5 x 23 cm notebook of printed staves, stitched within plain white covers. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with five leaves loose and a sixth leaf with loss to one corner. Eleven pages in ink (all by Tennant), the other 35pp. in pencil. In pencil at head of front cover: 'Lundi 4 h.' The initial three leaves (the third of them loose) carry the six pages of musical composition and text by Boulanger; the rest of the volume (40pp.) comprises musical composition by Tennant.

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