[Peter Ustinov, film and theatre actor.] Autograph Card Signed ('Peter (USTINOV)'), describing himself as a 'lousy correspondent', regarding his mother's death and his own 'shyness'.

Peter Ustinov [Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov] (1921-2004), Academy Award winning film and theatre actor, author [his mother the artist Nadia Benois [Nadezhda Leontievna Ustinova] (1896-1975)]
Publication details: 
Paris. 23 June 1975.

Seventeen lines of text, on both sides of a piece of grey card. In good condition. Written in felt-tip pen, and difficult to decipher in places, as for example the Paris address and name of recipient. Begins: 'Surprise, surprise, dear [?], it is no longer true that I have not answered a single letter. Dear Nadia was so popular a person that I am still struggling with an Everest of condolences, and this far happier event has given me a momentary pause in my labours'.

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