[ Phyllis Hartnoll, theatre historian and poet. ] Four Typed Letters Signed to the theatrical bookseller Barry Duncan, with other material relating to the purchase of items from him.

Phyllis Hartnoll (1906-1997), theatre historian, musicoloist, poet and publisher [ Barry Duncan [ Horace Alexander Barry Duncan ] (1909-1985), London theatre historian ]
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Three of the letters on Oxford University Press letterheads. Other items addressed from her home, Hobbits, Nether Westcote, Kingham, Oxon. 1945 and 1946.

Nine items. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Heavily annotated by Duncan. The letters (each 1p. long, two in 4to and two in 8vo) concern her orders and wants'. On 23 April 1945 she writes: 'I find on looking through the Play Pictorial bound volumes that No. 28 His Highness My Husband is missing. It is not a very important one, in fact I don't remember hearing of the play before, but if you happen to have a copy among your single numbers, I should be glad to have it, in order to complete the volume.

[ Phyllis Hartnoll, theatre historian. ] Correspondence with her agent W. T. Macqueen-Pope, impressario Jack Hylton and actress Freda Jackson regarding her translation of 'The Lady of the Camellias', together with two versions of the translation.

Phyllis Hartnoll (1906-1997), theatre historian [ Jack Hylton (1892-1965), impressario; Freda Jackson (1907-1990), actress; W. Macqueen-Pope ]
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Correspondence dating from 1948, except for single items from 1947 and 1950. Hartnoll's letters either from Hobbits, Nether Westcote, Kingham, Oxon, or on Oxford University Press letterheads. Other correspondence from various London addresses.

An interesting collection, giving an insight into theatre practices in post-war Britain. Hartnoll is commissioned by the actress Freda Jackson, then at the height of her popularity, to produce an adaptation of the play, Jackson gets impressario Jack Hylton and producer Anthony Hawtrey on board, and there is the inevitable falling out between the actress and the author, with Macqueen-Pope, who is acting as Hartnoll's agent, playing the mediator, as matters become acrimonious.

[Sidney Hartnoll Beard, President of the animal rights vegetarian society the Order of the Golden Age.] Two Typed Letters Signed (both 'Sidney H. Beard') to John Nayler, explaining in the second what he has done 'to ensure the permanency of our work'

Sidney Hartnoll Beard, founder and President of the 'food reform' movement vegetarian animal rights society the Order of the Golden Age [John Nayler, Methodist journalist]
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Letter One: on letterhead of Barcombe Hall, Paignton; 26 May 1904. Letter Two: on letterhead of The Order of the Golden Age, Paignton; 2 August 1905.

Both items 1p., 4to. ONE: 26 May 1904. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He has always shrunk from 'giving advice to anyone concerning investments', but would consider 'the £10 shares of the London Necropolis Company at 7 1/2 as being safe to buy for investment.' He discusses the state of the company, and also suggests 'Japanese bonds'. TWO: 2 August 1905. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with short closed tears to a central crease. 'I am doing what I can to ensure the permanency of our work, but you are doubtless aware that the O.G.A.

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