[John E. B. Mayor, Cambridge Professor of Latin, to his brother the philosopher J. B. Mayor.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Joe', attacking his former pupil the classicist Augustus Samuel Wilkins, and giving a list of references to Cicero.

John E. B. Mayor [John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor] (1825-1910), Professor of Latin at Cambridge [his brother Joseph Bickersteth Mayor (1828-1916); Augustus Samuel Wilkins (1843–1905); St John's College]
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No place. 'Wednesday Evening' [no date, but 1870s].

References to the recipient's 'little ones', and to 'Jessie and the children' would date the letter to the early 1870s. Of particular interest is the criticism of Mayor's former student 'Wilkins', this being Augustus Samuel Wilkins (1843-1905), later Professor of Latin at Owens College, Manchester, who had been President of the Cambridge Union in 1868. 4pp, 12mo. The letter, signed 'John E B Mayor', covers the first two pages; the final two pages carry a list of around twenty textual references to Cicero, at the end of which are a few more in pencil in another hand (J. B. Mayor's?). Bifolium.

[ Frank Eyton, lyricist. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Frank Eyton') accompanying his typed original humorous poem about road works 'A Finchley Road Cameo'; together with a Typed Letter Signed ('Frank') of reminiscences and family news.

Frank Eyton (1894-1962), English popular music lyricist [ Herman Finck [ Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), Anglo-Dutch composer ]
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Typed Letter Signed on letterhead of The Montecito, Hollywood, California, 20 September 1937. Autograph Note with Typed Poem on his letterhead, 12 Lowther Mansions, Barnes, S.W.13 [ London ]. 24 December 1937.

Both items in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Typed Poem followed by Autograph Note Signed. 24 December 1937. 2pp., 8vo. The poem consists of eleven four-line stanzas, with the title typed in red. An apparently unpublished humorous poem, quite charming and well worthy of publication. Begins: 'For months we've had electric road-drills | Right outside our door, | And two gentlemen who play them | Called in yesterday at four.

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