Two Autograph Letters from the historian Thomas Lionel Hodgkin, one (signed 'Thomas') to the poet Sylvia Lynd, the other (unsigned) to her daughter Sigle Lynd, both written in the most effusive terms.

Thomas Lionel Hodgkin (1910-1982), Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, British Marxist historian of Africa [Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), poet; Sigle ('Sheila') Lynd [later Wheeler] (1910-1976)]
Publication details: 
Both letters on letterhead of 20 Bradmore Road, Oxford. Letter to Sylvia Lynd: 16 December 1930. Letter to Sigle Lynd: 19 July 1930.

Both items in very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Both letters are written in an excited, gushing style, and have the margins filled with extra text. Letter to Sylvia Lynd: 2pp., 4to. Addressed to 'Dear Mrs Lynd'.

Typed Letter Signed ('H D'Arcy Power') from the Southampton physician Dr H. D'Arcy Power, written in the spelling of the Phonetic League to 'Bryn', discussing the health of his wife Gretel, and with an autograph postscript by her.

Dr H. D'Arcy Power, Physician, Southampton [The Phonetic League]
Publication details: 
On his letterhead ('Consultations by Appointment Only'), 23 Brighton Road, Southampton. 11 April 1934.

1p., 4to. Fair, on aged, worn and creased paper. Seventeen lines in phonetic spelling, with printed key at foot, headed: 'NOTE - Members of the Phonetic League are pledged to use this Alphabet and spelling in correspondence.' Disregarding the use of the diaersis, the letter begins: 'Mi der Bryn, | Zis is only a not ov enqwiri tu asertan wezer yu ar stil aliv.

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