[ Australia; Dampier ]Collection of typed and manuscript material relating to Australia, including the Rev. Charles Powell's unpublished life of Captain William Dampier

[Rev. Charles Powell, East Coker; Captain Dampier]
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An informative collection of material, mainly relating to Australia, assembled in the years immediately following the First World War. The collection consists of fifty items: twenty-one typescripts (1-21), twenty-eight manuscripts (22-49), and one printed (50). Dated items range from 1919 to 1924, with the others appearing to date from around the same time. All items clearly legible, and all except item 2 complete. All but item 50 on loose leaves of paper.

Autograph Letter Signed ('C. Aubrey Smith') from Hollywood actor and England cricket captain Sir Charles Aubrey Smith to 'Mr. Melrose' [literary agent?], discussing the offer to him of two plays by Miss Smith Dampier.

Sir Charles Aubrey Smith (1863-1948), Hollywood actor and captain of the England cricket team [Eleanor Mary Smith Dampier]
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Haymarket Theatre, London; 22 March 1923.

2pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He writes that he has brought Miss Smith Dampier's play 'A Great Gentleman' up to London with him, and that it will be at Melrose's office in the afternoon. 'I have read it - but I do not like it as well as The Queen's Minister, from my own point of view, I mean. | The writing, of course, is what one would expect after reading Miss Smith Dampier's former play - but I had got a long way into the story before it gripped me'. He names the only two scenes which he sees 'vividly'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Tho. Roffen.') to Thomas Adams of Alnwick, Northumberland; with the Bishop of Rochester's episcopal seal, in red wax.

Thomas Dampier (c.1749-1812), Bishop of Ely and book collector [Bishop of Rochester from 1802 to 1808]
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Harley Street, Septr. 14. 1802.'

4to: 1 p. Very good on the first leaf of a bifolium. A third quarto leaf carries the address, in Dampier's hand, with his franking signature 'free | T. Rochester.' Also the oval seal, c.3 cm high, a clear impression in red wax. 24 lines of text. Interesting letter. Dampier begins by thanking Adams for 'your Congratulations to me on my Promotion to the See of Rochester.

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