Autograph Letter Signed ('Tho. Roffen.') to Thomas Adams of Alnwick, Northumberland; with the Bishop of Rochester's episcopal seal, in red wax.

Thomas Dampier (c.1749-1812), Bishop of Ely and book collector [Bishop of Rochester from 1802 to 1808]
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Harley Street, Septr. 14. 1802.'
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4to: 1 p. Very good on the first leaf of a bifolium. A third quarto leaf carries the address, in Dampier's hand, with his franking signature 'free | T. Rochester.' Also the oval seal, c.3 cm high, a clear impression in red wax. 24 lines of text. Interesting letter. Dampier begins by thanking Adams for 'your Congratulations to me on my Promotion to the See of Rochester. It is a Situation particularly agreeable to me, as, besides other Circumstances, it does not entirely remove me from my Kentish friends or from my Northern Friends.' Adams is suffering from Gout, and Dampier commiserates: 'I know how to feel for you'. As a result Adams has 'come to a Resolution of giving up the Business of the Trust. it was so safe in your Hands, on whose Zeal & Integrity, Experience & Abilities I have such Confidence, that I cannot but think myself under a personal obligation to you for having continued it so long.' Dampiers promotion 'will necessarily withdraw me from a constant Residence at Durham', but he will continue to pay 'such attention to the Concerns of the Trust as my Brethren may think proper to committ to me. I cannot from some late occurrences flatter myself that this will be much'. He would be 'glad if I could as easily part with my Connexion with the Trust as you have with yours; This would be a great Relief to me, but I cannot look to it.' He promises that he 'will never pass through Alnwick to the Castle without dining with you.' In 1776 Dampier succeeded his father as master of Sherburn Hospital, near Durham. Between 1778 and 1808 he was a prebendary of Durham Cathedral.