[The West; Chilton's 'musical drama of the West': the BBC radio serial Riders of the Range'.] Chilton's own complete set of scripts of the 92 episodes, with revisions. With caricature of Chilton by Tony Speer, 'Eagle' correspondence, press cuttings.

Charles Chilton (1917-2013), British radio producer, director and writer [BBC Light Entertainment; Clifford Makins, editor, 'Eagle' magazine, London; Max Kester Dodgson (1901-1991)]
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BBC Light Entertainment, London: 1949 to 1953. 'Eagle' magazine: 1960.

On his eightieth birthday Charles Chilton (1917-2013) was described by the Sunday Telegraph as 'the one genius' the BBC 'ever had on its staff'. Chilton worked for the Corporation for a period of almost half a century, writing and producing a succession of innovative and exciting radio programmes and serials, notably the trilogy 'Journey into Space', the last UK radio programme to attract a bigger evening audience than television, which has been cited by the astronomers Stephen Hawkins and Colin Pillinger as an inspiration.

[Francis G. Pease's photographs of space, used by Edwin Hubble to identify new galaxies.] Five framed photographic astronomical prints of images by Pease, taken from Mount Vernon. Owned by Charles Chilton ('Journey into Space').

Francis G. Pease [Francis Gladheim Pease] (1881-1938), American astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory, California [Edwin Hubble [Edwin Powell Hubble] (1889-1953); Charles Chilton (1917-2013)]
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Mount Wilson Observatory, Los Angeles County, California, USA. None of the prints dated (1940s?). Two of the five photographic images dated 1919.

Five black and white prints, all laid down on mount and in glass frame. Later prints (1940s) rather than the early silver gelatin ones. Each with manuscript caption at foot of mount, and Negative Number written in manuscript on reverse of frame. Each print in excellent condition. All five behind glass in worn plain black frames. From the papers of Charles Chilton, the creator and producer of the influential BBC Radio series 'Journey into Space' (1953-1958), which numbered among its admirers Stephen Hawking and Colin Pillinger.

[BBC General Television Training Course, 1958.] Folder compiled by the producer Charles Chilton, containing documents (typescripts and forms) relating to the course, headed by Andrew Miller Jones, another attendee being the poet Louis MacNeice.

BBC General Television Training Course, 1958, headed by Andrew Miller Jones (1910-1994), Chief Television Instructor [Charles Chilton (1917-2013), producer; Louis MacNeice (1907-1963), poet]
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The British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC], London. April to June 1958.

A significant document in the history of BBC Television, casting valuable light on production practices and internal procedure in the years following the end of the BBC's television monopoly. From the papers of distinguished producer Charles Chilton (1917-2013), best known for his radio series 'Journey into Space' and association with the Goon Show. The present item relates to the first of the BBC Television Training Courses.

[ Charles Croke, Gresham Professor of Rhetoric. ] Autograph Signature ('Ch: Croke:') and seal to receipt of one thousand pounds from his brother, against Cannon Court Farm, Chilton, Bucks. Witnessed by John Weekes and signed by Nathaniel Hoban.

Charles Croke (d.1657), clergyman and third Gresham Professor of Rhetoric, schoolmaster and cleric, son of Sir John Croke (1553-1620), Speaker of the House of Commons [ Court of Chancery, London ]
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[ Court of Chancery, London. ] 10 January 1643.

1p., 8vo. In fair condition, on an aged and worn bifolium. The document, in a Chancery hand, has been written out by the witness John Weekes. It reads: 'Received the Tenth day of January Anno dni 1643. of my brother John Croke the Sume of one thousand pounds of lawfull money of England wch. sume of one thousand pounds was given me by my ffather Sr. John Croke late of Chilton in the Contie of Bucks Knight, and for the true paymt.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Bob. Crosby') to 'Dear Ken' [Ken Ryan].

Bob Crosby (1913-1993), American dixieland bandleader and vocalist, best known for his group 'Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats'
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New Years Eve, 1955.' On letterheads of The Aladdin Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri.

4to, 4 pp. Good, on lightly creased paper. From the Ken Ryan collection. Long, rambling, good-humoured letter on the . 'Here it is New Years Eve and I'm at home, and being quiet. - I was tired as we have worked hard all week. - and its good to be quiet. [...] London must have been interesting during the holiday season - I hope to some day see it but when I ever will is the question I'm never to [sic] good to save money. - Next week we have the Monte Carlo Ballet. Russe. and I am looking forward to seeing it. with pleasure. I've always been so fond of ballet.'

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