[ Lady Margaret Sackville, poet and children's author, mistress of Ramsay MacDonald. ] Nine Autograph Letters Signed and two Autograph Card Signed (all 'Margaret Sackville') to her agent C. F. Cazenove, regarding manuscripts of fairy tales and poems.

Lady Margaret Sackville (1881-1963), poet and children’s author, daughter of Earl De La Warr, second-cousin of Vita Sackville-West, mistress of Ramsay MacDonald [ C. F. Cazenove, literary agent ]
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One from Lupton, Churston, Devon. The other ten on letterheads: Inchmery, Exbury, Southampton (6); 2 Magdala Place, Edinburgh (2); Old Lodge, Ashdown Forest, Nutley, Sussex; Copthorne, Fawley, Southampton. Between 1905 and 1907.

Written (perhaps appropriately) in a somewhat childish hand.

[ John Gibson Cazenove, Scottish theologian. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'J. G. Cazenove') [to Rev. R. H. Hutchison], describing the pros and cons of Cumbrae Theological College, of which he is Provost.

J. G. Cazenove [ John Gibson Cazenove ] (1821-1896), Scottish theologian, Provost of Cumbrae Theological College, and Chancellor of Edinburgh Cathedral [ Rev. Robert Hutchison of Exeter College ]
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All three letters from 66 Great King Street, Edinburgh [ Scotland ]. 7 and 14 November, and 29 October, 1868.

Three interesting and informative letters regarding a forgotten Scottish institution. Cumbrae Theological College (the College of the Holy Spirit), founded by George Boyle, 6th Earl of Glasgow in 1849 (and later affiliated to the University of Durham), was a seminary for ordination training. It closed in 1888. The recipient of the letter was Rev. Robert Hutchison, later of Exeter College, Oxford, and Winchester College. The three letters total 9pp. They are in good condition, lightly-aged. The letters are in response to an application by Hutchison for the position of assistant tutor.

[ Winifred Gordon, W. J. Barwick of Truslove and Hanson, and C. F. Cazenove. ] Autograph Letter Signed by Gordon, two Autograph Letters Signed and Autograph Note Signed by Barwick, and three copies by Cazenove, on her book on Romania.

Winifred Gordon [ Winifred Monckton Campbell Gordon ] (d.1957), author; W. J. Barwick, director, Truslove and Hanson, London publishers; Charles Francis Cazenove (1870-1915), London literary agent
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Gordon's letter on letterhead of the Hotel d'Angleterre, Copenhagen. 24 June 1912. Barwick's three items on letterheads of Truslove and Hanson, 6a Sloane Street, London. June and July 1912.

Gordon is described in The Times, 20 August 1958, as a 'traveller, lecturer, and author', and a resident of Lausanne at the time of her death. All seven items in fair condition, on aged paper, with some rust spotting from a paperclip. The book referred to is 'Roumania, Yesterday and Today' (1918), which has an introduction and two chapters by the Queen of Romania. ONE: Gordon's letter to Barwick. 24 June 1912. 3pp., 8vo. She writes that she has already tried to place 'the little book' with 'Geo. Bell - Jacks - & Gay & Hancock. As to yr.

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