[Sir Hubert Gough, as head of Inter-Allied Mission, Finland.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H P Gough') to Daily Express editor R. D. Blumenfeld, describing 'situation' and complaining of failure of War Office to send munitions for White Russian forces.

Sir Hubert Gough [Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough] (1870-1963) [Ralph David Blumenfeld ('R. D. B.') (1864-1948), Daily Express editor, 1902-1932; Inter-Allied Mission, Finland; White Russians; Bolsheviks]
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'Helsingfors. | British Mission. | 3rd July [1918].'

2pp., 12mo. In very good condition: lightly-aged and creased. Writing to 'My dear Blumenfeld', Gough begins with a few lines on 'your correspondent, Muir' (with reference to Blumenfeld's 'Yankee' origins -which also included strong anti-Communist sentiment), before giving a general analysis. 'This is a most complex situation out here, as there are so many interests pulling different ways - it is not always easy to see one's way clear.

Autograph Note Signed to the autograph hunter Rev. E. J. F. Davies.

Ralph David Blumenfeld (1864-1948), newspaper editor
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15 December 1930; on letterhead of the Daily Express.

One page, 12mo. Very good, with light paperclip spotting. 'Certainly. I am glad to comply with your request.'

Typed Letter Signed to Sir Francis Peek.

Ralph David Blumenfeld
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8 July 1932; on letterhead of The Company of Newspaper Makers.

American-born British journalist (1864-1948), editor of the Daily Express, 1904-32. One page, quarto. Good, but on slightly discoloured paper, with slight staining to the four corners from previous mounting. Reads 'As one printer to another I want to tell you what I think of your magazine "Change". It does you all great credit. It is exceedingly well produced, presented with remarkably good taste, and I am astonished at the knowledge and technique.

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