[ William Roupell, forger and fraudster. ] Two Autograph Signed documents, the first a draft [ for his election agent ] of a circular to electors on his standing as Member of Parliament for Lambeth; the second another election letter (draft?)

William Roupell (1831-1909), forger and fraudster, Member of Parliament for Lambeth, 1857-1862, ruined in the Roupell Case
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Both from Roupell Park, Brixton. March 1857 and 25 April 1859.

The first letter has the damaged signature 'William: Roupe', the second is signed 'W: Roupell'. ONE (March 1857): 1p., 8vo. Signed autograph draft of a circular Roupell made for his election agent at the time of his first parliamentary contest. On the reverse of a letterhead of 4 Wolsingham Place, Lambeth, which was the office of solicitor R. C. Barton, who was Roupell's election agent (see George Hill, 'Electoral History of the Borough of Lambeth', 1879). In poor condition, heavily worn, with loss to the outer edges and text, including the end of Roupell's signature.

[ Sir Henry Bunbury, soldier, historian and antiquary. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Hy Bunbury'), regarding Robert Craufurd, Robert Anstruther and the posiition of 'Depy. Quarter Master General [ in the 16th Queen's light dragoons ].

Sir Henry Bunbury [ Sir Henry Edward Bunbury ], 7th Baronet, soldier, historian and antiquary
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Barton [ Barton Hall, Suffolk ]. 28 October 1854.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, aged and worn, with traces of mount adhering to the blank reverse. The male recipient is not identified. The letter reads: 'Sir, | My memory hardly serves me so as to answer your enquiry positively. I do not recollect Robert Craufurd in Holland in '99; and I am pretty sure that Robt: Anstruther, who died at Corunna, was our Depy. Quarter Master General'. According to Bunbury's entry in the Oxford DNB, he purchased 'a captaincy in the 16th Queen's light dragoons on 16 August 1797.

[Osbert Sitwell and Margaret Barton.] Offprint of their chapter on 'Taste' in 'Johnson's England', presented to Margaret Llewellyn Davies, Peter Pan's aunt, by Margaret Barton, with ANS stating that 'It is one of a "limited edition" of three.'

Osbert Sitwell and Margaret Barton [Margaret Llewellyn Davies (1861-1944), general secretary of the Women's Co-Operative Guild; suffragist; Arthur Stanley Turberville; Samuel Johnson]
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Published in 'Johnson's England', ed. A. S. Turberville. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1933.

40pp., 8vo, with four plates. Paginated 1-40 (the chapter appears with the same pagination at the beginning of the second of the two volumes of the book). Bound in green buckram, with 'TASTE | OSBERT SITWELL | AND | MARGARET BARTON' stamped in gilt on front board. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in lightly-worn binding.

Extensive manuscript catalogue of 'Leicestershire Biography & Bibliography', compiled in 1935 by R. B. Halliday of Great Glen [i.e. the Leicester bookseller Bernard Halliday].

R. B. Halliday [the Leicester bookseller Bernard Halliday] of Great Glen, Leicestershire [William Barton (c.1598-1678), Vicar of St Martins; Leicestershire stationers and printers]
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Dated 'R B Halliday | Great Glenn [i.e. Great Glen, Leicestershire] | 1935'.

4to, [ii] + 71 pp, with numerous leaves of additional manuscript and typescript material loosely inserted, as well as laid down. A few cuttings and extracts from printed works, as well as a Typed Letter Signed (17 March 1937) to Halliday from Ralph M. Williams of Yale, describing himself as 'interested in securing books, manuscripts, or other documents by or about the eighteenth century poet John Dyer'. Neatly written out in pencil and pen, on watermarked wove paper, in sturdy buckram binding. Internally in excellent condition, tight and clean, in worn binding with staining to front board.

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