Printed christmas card with message to 'Your Excellency' [the Viceroy of India or Commander in Chief?] from General Sir Baber Shum Shere Jung, Bahadoor Rana, Nepalese Army.

General Sir Baber Shum Shere Jung, Bahadoor Rana, Nepalese Army [British India]
Publication details: 
Delhi [India], 1916.

Printed in gold on one side of a piece of thin card. In very good condition. The message reads: 'May Christmas and the New Year bring | Your Excellency Happiness and Prosperity | and | your Country Honour and Victory. | GENERAL SIR BABER SHUM SHERE JUNG, | Bahadoor Rana, | Nepalese Army. | Delhi, 1916.'

Autograph Letter Signed from 'Bahadur Singh, Raojee Sahib Masuda' [Rao Saheb Bahadur Singh, Thakur of Masuda], in English, describing an injury sustained while pig-sticking.

Rao Saheb Bahadur Singh [born Kunwar Bahadur Singh] (1857-1903), Thakur of Masuda from 1863 to 1903
Publication details: 
'Masuda 26th. March 1900', on Masuda State letterhead.

2pp., 12mo. On two leaves laid down on a piece of paper removed from an autograph album. In fair condition, slightly-ruckled and worn. The letterhead, printed in red, consists of a monogram of a shining sun, with 'MASUDA STATE' on a banner above it, and the motto 'QUO FAS ET GLORIO DUCUNT' beneath. The letter reads: 'My dear Sir | I thank you very much for your kind letter of the 12th. Instant. I had killed a pig seven days ago[.] It was a very good and joky [sic] game[.] It suddenly fell by my stroke of spear. My mare also fell being pushed at the leg by the pig.

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