[Dr Daphne Kayton of the Royal Army Medical Corps.] Autograph 'Record of Surgical Operations Performed' (as deputy anaesthetist, 106 General Hospital, British Army of the Rhine) by 'Capt (Miss) Kayton', in government-issue 'Army Book'.

Dr D. M. E. Kayton [Daphne Masuda Elnalene Kayton] of the Royal Army Medical Corps [Goodwin, Specialist Anaesthetist, 106 General Hospital, BAOR [British Army of the Rhine]]
Publication details: 
'Army Book 485. | Naval Form M116. | R.A.F. Form 495.' The book printed '9/44' [i.e. September 1944]. Kayton's entries dating from 8 November 1945 to 6 June 1946; at 106 General Hospital, British Army of the Rhine.

44pp., landscape 8vo. In book in columns and title on cover, on which Kayton has written 'CAPT (MISS) KAYTON'. 308 operations are listed by Kayton, the first 298 being numbered. After no. 264 (18 March 1946), in another hand: '29th March 1946 | This is to certify that Capt Miss D. Kayton has administered the above number of anaesthetics and has acted as deputy anaesthetist at 106 General Hospital B.A.O.R. [British Army of the Rhine] throughout the last 5 months. | Goodwin D.A. | Specialist Anaesthetist 106 General Hospital'.?>

Autograph Letter Signed from 'Bahadur Singh, Raojee Sahib Masuda' [Rao Saheb Bahadur Singh, Thakur of Masuda], in English, describing an injury sustained while pig-sticking.

Rao Saheb Bahadur Singh [born Kunwar Bahadur Singh] (1857-1903), Thakur of Masuda from 1863 to 1903
Publication details: 
'Masuda 26th. March 1900', on Masuda State letterhead.

2pp., 12mo. On two leaves laid down on a piece of paper removed from an autograph album. In fair condition, slightly-ruckled and worn. The letterhead, printed in red, consists of a monogram of a shining sun, with 'MASUDA STATE' on a banner above it, and the motto 'QUO FAS ET GLORIO DUCUNT' beneath. The letter reads: 'My dear Sir | I thank you very much for your kind letter of the 12th. Instant. I had killed a pig seven days ago[.] It was a very good and joky [sic] game[.] It suddenly fell by my stroke of spear. My mare also fell being pushed at the leg by the pig.

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