[Alessandro Gavazzi, Italian patriot.] Autograph Signature ('Alessandro Gavazzi') beneath inscription 'Dio e Patria'.

Alessandro Gavazzi (1809-1889), Italian patriot and opponent of Roman Catholicism [Gavazzi Riots, Canada, 1853]
Publication details: 

Clearly given in response to a request for an autograph. On one side of a 7 x 11 cm piece of paper. In good condition. In a good firm hand, reading: 'Dio e Patria | Alessandro Gavazzi | 1863'.

Manuscript account of 'Revenue as calculated to end of Charter', including reference to St Helena.

East India Company [St Helena; Charter of 1833]
Publication details: 
Dated at foot '1845'.

On one side of a piece of laid watermarked paper, 14 x 8 cm. On aged and creased paper. The accounts are brief, and neatly written in an unidentified hand. At foot '1845'. Headed 'Revenue as calculated to end of Charter', and featuring a total of £17,936,217 against itemised charges of £18,763517, including those incurred 'in India', 'Esp: St Helena', 'Political Chges in England' and 'Cost of '. Beneath this a section headed 'Of ye above charges may be pble in Engd'.

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