[Alessandro Gavazzi, Italian patriot.] Autograph Signature ('Alessandro Gavazzi') beneath inscription 'Dio e Patria'.

Alessandro Gavazzi (1809-1889), Italian patriot and opponent of Roman Catholicism [Gavazzi Riots, Canada, 1853]
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Clearly given in response to a request for an autograph. On one side of a 7 x 11 cm piece of paper. In good condition. In a good firm hand, reading: 'Dio e Patria | Alessandro Gavazzi | 1863'.

Manuscript Document, Signed by 'John Yorke Deputy Clerk of the Peace of the Said Town [Cambridge]', certifying that Gossip has shown himself to be member of the Church of England and loyal subject of the King.

[TRINITY COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE] William Gossip (1704?-72?), 'Library Keeper of Trinity College in the University of Cambridge'
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[Cambridge]; 17 July 1729.

One page, on laid watermarked paper roughly thirteen inches by eight wide. Good though lightly creased and aged. Begins 'These are to Certifie whome it may concerne that William Gossip A.M. Library Keeper of Trinity College in the University of Cambridge came before his Majestys Justices of the peace at the Generall Quarter Sessions of the peace held at the Guildhall in and for the sd. Towne on Wednesday the Sixteenth day of July instant and then and there before the said Justices at the sd.

Handbill entitled 'Warning to Her Majesty's Ministers. Lord Eldon's predictions in 1829, on the third reading of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.'

Lord Eldon [The Roman Catholic Relief Bill, 1829; Anti-Catholic]
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Neither printer nor place of publication stated.

On both sides of a piece of paper roughly eight and a half inches by five and a half. Both sides of text enclosed within decorative border. A scare survival, in poor condition, worn and spotted with frayed edges and several closed tears. Text clearly legible. Headed 'FOR GRATUITOUS DISTRIBUTION.' Thirty-nine lines of text on reverse. Begins 'The following predictions of this venerable pillar of Church and State were at the time sneered at, as the senile and effete expressions of a bigoted octogenarian. What a lesson has he left to those who now hold the rudder of the State in their hands'.

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