Coloured lithographic dioramic print, captioned 'Morgan's Improved Transformations. The Royal Magic Pear. This Print upon holding before the Light will undergo an entire change and will present [...] the Portraits of the Royal Bride and Bridegroom.'

William Morgan, printseller [the Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, 1840; diorama; dioramic print]
Publication details: 
London. Published by Wm Morgan, 68, Upper Harrison St. Grays Inn Rd. 15th. Feby. 1840.'
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Dimensions of print roughly 13 x 17.5 cm. On original grey paper windowpane mount (22 x 28.5 cm). Engraved label (3 x 12.5 cm) beneath the print, with small remarque-style Dimensions of print roughly 20 x 14.5 cm. On original grey paper windowpane mount (34 x 24 cm). Engraved label (5 x 19 cm) beneath the print. Worn and discoloured. An usual and attractive item, with a simple picture of a pear which transforms into a portrait of the royal couple, under drapes, when held up to the light. This sort of dioramic print was introduced to England in 1821 by the French photographer Joseph Daguerre. Scarce. No reference to this item on the web.