ACS ('Walter Emanuel') to Hammerton.

Walter Emanuel [Sir John Alexander Hammerton (1871-1949), author and editor; The London Magazine; The Manchester Guardian; Punch magazine]
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28 November 1905; on letterhead of 89 Ladbroke Grove, W.
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Dimensions of card roughly 8.5 x 11 cm. Good, with slight creasing. Twenty lines of text. Congratulating Hammerton on his appointment as editor of the 'London Magazine'. ('Congratters on the 'London Magazine' appointment: it sounds like a nice position.') 'How do you manage it all?' Explains that it is 'difficult for me to contribute outside "Punch" as, by my agreement, they have the refusal of all likely stuff of mine.' He will 'think of you, certainly', when pieces are refused 'for some such reason as the subject having already been touched upon by "Punch".' Thanks Hammerton 'for thinking of Brer Frank. He is in Brussels now', but will look Hammerton up on his return. 'He has been very busy recently drawing Manchester for the "Manchester Guardian". He thinks Hammerton 'could get 2 good articles for the Mag' out of 'the "Author & Artist too" series': '(1) Dead 'uns (2) Living 'uns'.