Five Typed Notes Signed (all 'Fabian G Trollope') to G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Fabian George Trollope (1872-1960) of Trollope & Sons, 'Artists in Decoration since A.D. 1778. Branch of Trollope & Colls Ltd.' [London Architecture]
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20 March 1923, 4 November and 14 December 1927, and two of 18 June 1931; letter 1 on letterhead of Trollope & Colls, Ltd., letters 2 to 5 on letterhead of Trollope & Sons'.
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All items one page, quarto, and all very good. Two docketed and one bearing the Society's stamp. Letter 1: He will be pleased to attend a committee meeting. Letter 2: He has 'a long-standing engagement' and will be unable to attend 'the Architectural Decoration Committee'. Along with Godfrey Giles he has 'had a long discussion' with Mr. Grigsby 'with reference to the conditions of the Lewis Berger Scholarship'. Letter 3: He knows 'Professor Richardson very well, and this is just the information which I am requiring. I will send my man on to see the secretary as you suggest'. Letter 4: He will be 'very pleased' to become a Fellow of the Society, is enclosing the form and his cheque. Letter 4: He is 'going away for a few days' and will be unable to attend the meeting of the Architectural Decoration Committee. He will be 'most happy to again act as Judge for any of the Competitions of 1931'.