Autograph Letter to George Hammond of Spring Gardens.

Robert Plumer Ward
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Abingdon St. Monday.' [no date, but before 1827].
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English novelist and politician (1765-1846). The recipient (1763-1853) was a diplomat, and joint-editor of the 'Anti-Jacobin'. Three pages, 12mo. On discoloured, lightly-stained paper, with one corner of second leaf of bifoliate (with two words of text) broken off in breaking open letter, and still adhering to wafer. Had Hammond given 'a days notice' of his 'intention to come up', he might have been spared 'some hours of unnecessary Solitude'. 'Mrs Ward's health requires so immediate a removal from Town, that I go by appointment to day to see a House for her twenty miles off, &, as if it suits, she will almost instantly proceed to it [...]'. He will leave Hammond to make his 'own arrangement with Lord Mulgrave, who is at present at Windsor but retu[rns I] believe to night. | You will find party Spirits a little exalted. Canning rises astonishingly with every body -'. Signed 'R Ward'. Ward took the additional name Plumer in 1828, the year after Canning's death.