[Orby Shipley, liturgical scholar and Roman Catholic convert.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Orby Shipley') to an unidentified collector of rare theological works, regarding his plans for reprinting Roman Catholic titles, and a meeting.

Orby Shipley (1832-1916), religious writer, liturgical scholar and Roman Catholic convert [William Wilfred Oates, Roman Catholic London publisher; Burns & Oates]
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Both on letterhead of 39 Thurloe Square, S.W. [London] 4 December 1884 and 8 December 1884.
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Both in fair condition, lightly aged, on bifoliums, stitched together. ONE: 4 December 1884. 4pp, 12mo. The recipient is not identified. Begins: 'My dear Sir | I am advised by more than one common friend to take the liberty of writing to you. Mr. Oates [publisher], amongst others, tells me that you have great knowledge of old Catholic literature & have collected many curious & valuable books. As I think you see the Tablet, I should like to direct your attention to a letter which I hope may appear in the next or the following number on some points on which I wish for information. I am trying to reprint some of these old books; but the task is not easy & the financial difficulties are many'. He discusses his plans and the problems he forsees, with reference to an 'enclosed prospectus'. He proposes to make 'a fresh list & to add several other works which I collected many years ago', and gives examples of titles, adding 'Perhaps you can afford me some valuable hints or suggestions'. He ends in the hope that the recipient's 'studies' will allow him 'to criticise or supplement' Shipley's list. TWO: 8 December 1884. 4pp, 12mo. Begins: 'It will be an honour to show you the few books I have of the sort under notice & an honour to help indirectly in your interesting work.' He suggests a time for meeting, 'after breakfast to Benediction. In these dark days you had better come in the morning, if your engagements permit.' He asks him to 'take what you may chance to find at Lunch'. Regarding the books he writes: 'I have only a bullock [trunk?] full! mostly collected in '60 – '61. But by good luck more than good selection (as a Protestant [Shipley converted in 1878]) all (I think) of some value. Their present position, as well as my promptness in naming a day, is due to our meditating leaving London, if we can let our house.' He would like him 'to see the books, if at all, before your work appears.' He concludes: 'I will, with your leave, whilst thanking you much for your letter & kind promise, hope to reply to your letter viva voce'.