[ Sydney Holland, Chairman, London Hospital. ] Printed pamphlet: 'Two Talks to the Nurses of the London Hospital, Dec. 1897, Dec. 1905.'

Honble. Sydney Holland, Chairman, London Hospital [ Sydney Holland, Viscount Knutsford (1855-1931) ]
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[ London Hospital. ] First talk: Eleventh Thousand. 5th Edition. December 1897. Second talk: Third Thousand. December 1905. 'Copies of these Two Talks can be obtained of Whitehead, Morris & Co., Ltd., 9 & 10, Fenchurch Street.'
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Two items bound together. 40pp., 8vo, and [2] + 31pp., 8vo. Stapled into black printed wraps, with title in white on cover: 'Two Talks to the Nurses of the London Hospital, Dec. 1897, Dec. 1905.' The first talk (1897) is titled: 'A Talk to the Nurses of the London Hospital'. Holland states: 'I am proud, Nurses, of being at the head of what I believe to be one of the best nursed hospitals in England, and it is an added joy to me to be associated in the work with a woman whose life's work it has been to perfect hospital nursing, [i.e. Eva Luckes] and whose single aim and ambition in life has been to see round her happy workers doing good work.' The second talk (1905) is titled: 'Talk to the Staff Nurses, Private Nurses, and Probationers of the London Hospital.' Printed in small type. Internally in good condition, lightly aged, in worn and aged wraps with rusted staples. 'It is a great deal to me – perhaps more than you can believe – to feel that the 550 women we have in this Hospital as our Nurses, look upon their Chairman as something more than just a sort of terrible person to appear on State occasions'. From the papers of Winifred M. S. Parry of Plumstead, who was enrolled as a probationer in 1912. Scarce: the only copy of any printing of the first talk on COPAC at the Bishopsgate Institute, and no copy of the second talk, nor any copy of the two together. The Royal College of Nursing has a copy of the two together, "Reproduced 1933, but abridged and altered to suit more general circumstances". No copies at the Wellcome.