[ Sir Frederick Ouseley, Heather Professor of Music at Oxford University. ] Autograph Signature ('Frederick A Gore Ouseley | Prof. Mus. Oxon.') to secretarial letter to Rev. P. A. Le Tenore, describing the requirements for a batchelor's degree.

Sir Frederick Ouseley [ Rev. Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley ] (1825-1889), composer, organist, musicologist, and Heather Professor of Music at Oxford University [ Rev. P. A. Le Tenore, Jersey ]
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St Michaels College, Tenbury [ Worcestershire ]. 'Tuesday. March 17. [ no year, but between 1855 and 1889 ]'.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium on monogrammed letterhead. In fair condition, lightly aged. The body of the letter is written by a secretary. A useful communication, laying out the requirements for a batchelor's degree in music during Ouseley's tenure as Heather Professor, between 1855 and 1889. Ouseley writes in reply to Le Tenore's letter, setting out what is 'required of Candidates for the degree of Mus. Bac.', beginning with the composition of 'an exercise in 5 real parts, with accompaniments for a quintett [sic] band. The choice of subject is left to the option of the Candidate.' If approved, 'the Candidate must hold himself in readiness to attend an examination' both at the instrument and on paper 'in harmony & Counterpoint. Should this examination be passed successfully the Candidate is allowed to have his exercise performed publicly in the Music School, after which the degree is conferred'. He 'can hardly tell what the expense of engaging a quintett band in Oxford would amount to; should it prove, on enquiry, to be too costly, leave may be obtained to have the exercise performed with organ accompaniment only in one of the College Chapels: but the exercise must in that case still be scored with proper accompaniments for a stringed quintett.' He ends with an offer to answer questions and furnish information.