[ Port of Manchester. ] Pamphlet with eighteen-ship 'itinerary' of vessels present at a 'visit', accompanied by five maps [ 'Principal oil docks and installations with their road connections', 'Hinterland', 'Dockside Area' ], three of them fold-outs.

[ Port of Manchester ] [ George Falkner & Sons Limited; Dunlop, Heywood & Co. ]
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[ Port of Manchester. ] George Falkner & Sons Limited, Manchester. With section dated 16 July 1959.
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Five maps, four of them fold-outs, together with duplicated text on two leaves, stapled into 8vo pamphlet of buff printed wraps with 'PORT OF MANCHESTER' and logo on the front, and printers' slug on back. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The five maps include three fold-outs: the first, coloured in blue and light and dark green, titled 'Principal oil docks and installations with their road connections' ('For particulars of sites on the Company's Estate application should be made to the Company's Land Agents | Dunlop, Heywood & Co. | 90, Deansgate, | Manchester 3.'); the second titled 'Dockside Area Map' and dated May 1952; the third, with extensive text, and with 'Historical Note', and general 'Note' beginning: 'This diagrammatic map has been designed to provide in a convenient form, most of the information our visitors have sought in the past. | A short description of the main points of interest will be found on the left-hand side opposite the points to which they refer.' Also present is a single-page map with large key, titled 'Hinterland of the Port of Manchester', and another single-page map of England, with concentric circles of distance radiating from London, Manchester, Hull, Bristol and Birmingham. The two-page text is headed: 'Thursday, 16th July 1959. | It may be found that the vessels listed hereunder are not in the position shown as this itinerary had to be prepared some hours in advance of the actual visit.' Eighteen ships are listed on Docks 6. 7, 8, 9, Trafford Wharf, Irlam Ore Wharf, and Partington. The ships include: [on '8 Dock'] '”Manchester Vanguard” is discharging 1200 tons of Oleo Stock, Bentonite, Lard, Machinery, Chemicals, Papy, Scybean Oil, Nickel Slabs, and General Cargo from Great Lakes Ports.' Similar entries for 'Manchester Venture', 'Manchester Progress' and 'Manchester Shipper' (all '9 Dock'). No other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.