[ Hans Schmoller and The Imprint Society for the Advancement of the Graphic Arts in South Africa: corrected proof of pamphlet by Hortors Limited. ] The Imprint Society | An Account of its Inception to which is appended a Draft Constitution.

Hans Schmoller [ Hans Peter Schmoller ], typographer; The Imprint Society for the Advancement of the Graphic Arts in South Africa, Johannesburg [ Hortors Limited, printers ]
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'For circulation to members and prospective members'. Johannesburg, 1944.
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8pp., 12mo. Stitched into grey printed wraps. Aged and worn. On reverse of title: 'This booklet is produced in accordance with Paper Control regulations and is therefore limited in size and scope | It is publication number one of the Imprint Society and was first issued in August 1944'. The pamphlet begins: 'The idea that led to the Imprint Society being formed was conceived when two compositors, working in Johannesburg in 1939, realized that most of the printed matter produced in South Africa was ugly and uninspired, and that nothing was being done to remedy this. Hours, wages, and working conditions in the printing industry had been improved and regulated, but there was no organization solely interested in raising the general level of taste and workmanship, or in encouraging the production of good typography. | The original idea was to form a society of compositors, something on the lines of the Craftsmen's Clubs in America […]'. The last two pages carry the 'Draft Constitution', and this has five pencil proof corrections in the margins. On inside back wrap: 'Five hundred copies of this booklet, which is set in Monotype Garamond, twelve point, were printed for the Imprint Society by Hortors Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa. Schmoller was co-founder; he arrived in England in 1947. Scarce: only four copies on OCLC WorldCat.