[ Renn Dickson Hampden, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('R. D. Hampden') to the London publisher Richard Bentley, responding to an invitation to write

Renn Dickson Hampden (1793-1868), Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford and Bishop of Hereford, subject of the Hampden Controversy of 1836 [ Richard Bentley (1794-1871), London publisher ]
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Ewelme Rectory. 21 July 1846.
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition. Addressed to 'R. Bentley Esq'. Having explained that the delay in replying is due to his absence from Oxford during the vacation, he turns to Bentley's proposal. 'I am much flattered by your applying to me, under the high recommendation which you state, for the work in question. And I cannot but admire your spirit in desiring that a work of that kind should go forth to the world under your auspices. I only wish I had time & ability to execute it in the manner which you justly observe it ought to be written - so as fully to meet the statements & arguments which it is designed to answer & yet be popular in its character.' Unfortunately his 'present engagements will not admit of my turning my mind into this track of study', those engagements having been 'expressly postponed to this period of comparative leisure'. It is possible that Bentley's invitation related to the Oxford Movement, Newman having been received into the Roman Catholic Church in the previous year.