[ Herman Finck, composer and conductor. ] Copy of Typed Letter to Henry Chance Newton ('My dear Harry'), theatre critic of the Referee newspaper, containing 'biographical facts' to prove that he is 'not a Jew', and his 'Hebrew musical collaborators'.

Herman Finck [ Herman [ born Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), British composer and conductor of Dutch extraction [ Henry Chance Newton (1854-1931), theatre critic of the Referee newspaper ]
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On letterhead of the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne. 8 October 1925.
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2pp., 4to. In good condition, lightly-aged. Unsigned copy of typed letter., with one autograph emendation. Addressed to 'My dear Harry'. He begins by explaining that he is in Eastbourne recuperating from the flu. 'As I did not rise until Monday last I missed the Sunday papers including alas, the Referee. [ amended in autograph from 'the Rat' ] | A cutting, however (from the Ref) reached me here today containing an article of yours, wherein you place me among your Hebrew musical collaborators. But I am not a Jew, and after our close friendship of 35 years I thought you knew.' He appends four numbered 'Biographical Facts', including 'I went to a Protestant School and was baptized at St. John's Church Waterloo Bridge Road (not far from the Old Vic)' and 'My mother was born in Hereford. (I have never heard of a Hereford Jewess).' The letter now takes an antisemitc turn, with Finck suggesting that it was 'my nose that has deceived you all this time! But Jimmy Glover has a nose three times the size of mine. Must he be a Jew? And after all Arthur Collins is only half a mo!' He does not ask for a disclaimer, but to be flung 'back among the Christians', adding 'Seriously, I wish I were a Jew. I would, by now, be a rich man.' He ends by suggesting that Newton get 'Bernard Marks to translate this back into my supposed tongue'. In a postscript he tells a story 'apropos St John's Church', his father and violin lessons.