Printed map, titled 'Indian and Eastern Engineer. | Key Plan, showing the disposition of the Ships of H.M. Fleet, assembled at Spithead on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee Review, 26th June, 1897.' With 'Tabular Statement' on reverse.

[Royal Navy Diamond Jubilee Review, Spithead, 1897; The Indian and Eastern Engineer, monthly magazine]
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'Indian and Eastern Engineer', Calcutta. 1897.
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Printed in black on both sides of a 36 x 53 cm piece of wove paper with watermark of 'W F & Co'. In very good condition, lightly-aged and folded three times. The 'Key Plan' is on one side, showing the disposition of the fleet on a map of the Portsmouth area, with a note of 'Foreign Men of War', 'British Battle Ships and Cruisers', '3rd Class Cruisers Gun Vessels and Torpedo Gunboats', 'Special Merchant Vessels', 'Destoryers & Gunboats' and 'Torpedo Boats'. The 'Tabular Statement' on the reverse gives, in small type, the 'Displacement, Horse-Power, Speed, and Armament, &c., of Battleships, Cruisers, Gunboats, and Destroyers, of Her Majesty's Fleet, assembled at Spithead, on 26th June, 1897'. Scarce: the only copy on COPAC and OCLC WorldCat at the National Maritime Museum.