[Printed pamphlet.] Nursing Homes. A Warning. By Sir Robert Harvey, D.L., J.P., of 1, Palace Gate, London, W., and Dundridge Totnes, Devon.

Sir Robert Harvey, D.L., J.P., of 1, Palace Gate, London, W., and Dundridge Totnes, Devon [Harriett Maria Webb, Home for Convalescent Invalids, No. 88 Marina St, St Leonards, Sussex; Gerald F. Hohler]
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Totnes: Mortimer Bros., "Times" and "Western Guardian" Offices. [Introduction dated 'Dundridge, September, 1902.]
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13pp., 8vo. Stapled pamphlet on green-grey paper. In fair condition, aged and worn. In the introduction ('To my readers') Harvey explains that it is 'a keen sense of my duty to my fellow-countrymen in general, and to potential fellow-sufferers in particular', that has induced him 'to re-open a great and recent sorrow ['the untimely death of my beloved son'] by placing the details of my tragic and terrible experiences of a Nursing Home before the public'. He urges 'all persons having occasion to use Nursing Homes, or kindred institutions (and especially the parents and guardians of youthful invalids) to exercise great care in their inquiries as to the condition of the fellow-inmates of the patient, and the absolute trustworthiness of the persons to whom they contemplate confiding the health and life of those near and dear to them'. The rest of the pamphlet (pp.5-13) reproduces documents relating to an action brought by Harvey against Harriett Maria Webb in the High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division: firstly (pp.5-9) Harvey's 'Statement of Claim' ('Writ issued 17th April 1902'), in which he makes a claim for damages, stating that in February 1902 he entrusted his son Alfred Northey Harvey, who was suffering an attack of German measles (rubella), to Webb's care, 'at her house called "Home for Convalescent Invalids" situate at No. 88 Marina St. St. Leonards in the County of Sussex'; and that while the son was in the house Webb's nephew was discovered to be suffering from diphtheria, and that as 'the said house was not properly disinfected' Harvey's son died. Pp.10-12 carry Webb's 'Defence' against the charges, made by Gerald E. Hohler, and 'Delivered this 16th day of June, 1902, by BROWNE WEBB, of 16, St. Helen's Place, Bishopsgate Street, in the City of London, Solicitor for the above-named Defendant.' P.13 reproduces a letter to Harvey from Edmonds & Son of Totnes, 5 August 1902, informing him that 'the defendant and her friends, rather than go on with the action, are prepared to pay the £156 8s. 3d., and your taxed costs of the proceedings'. With regard to Harvey having been denied his day in court, the letter concludes: 'Nothing can be done to prevent the order asked for from being made.' Excessively scarce: the only copy traced on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat at Oxford University. Harvey (1847-1930) was an industrialist who made his fortune from saltpetre production in South America.