[Two printed pamphlets from the States of Guernsey Education Council, with emendations.] In French: 'Loi sur l'Instruction Publique Primaire. Ordre en Conseil (Enregistre le 7 Mars 1903.). English translation: 'Law on Public Primary Education [...]'.

[Guernsey Education Law, 1903; The States of Guernsey Education Council]
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French version: Guernesey: Compagnie d'Imprimerie de Bichard, Limitee, Rue du Bordage. 1903. English translation: Guernsey: Bichard's Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd., Bordage Street. 1903.
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ONE: French version. 19pp., 12mo. Stitched. In light-blue printed wraps. In fair condition, aged and worn in like raps. Stamp, shelfmarks and label of the Board of Education Reference Library, London. With manuscript emendations in red ink, including the deletion of one paragraph with the note 'Repealed by O[rder]. in C[ouncil]. 21/4/04. Ref 2nd May '04'. Another similar marginal note reads: 'O. in C. 10/8/03 Ref: 29/8/03.' TWO: English translation. Full title: 'Law on Public Primary Education, as sanctioned by Order in Council registered the 7th March, 1903. [Translation.]' 28pp., 12mo. Stitched. In fair condition, aged and worn, with loose printed front cover on light-blue paper, with rusty paperclip adhering. Laid down on the inside front cover is a slip of paper with a typed five-line 'Extract from a letter from the Secretary of Education to the States of Guernsey. February, 1914.' Loosely inserted is a slip of paper carrying a short typed 'Extract from letter received from the States of Guernsey Education Council [1 December 1917]'.