[Printed pamphlet, signed by the author Herbert Broome.] Kingston Union. The Beginning and the End. 1836-1930.

Herbert Broome [The Kingston Union; Poor Law Administration]
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Philpott & Co., (Surbiton), Litd., Printers, 40-42 Brighton Road, Surbiton. March 1930.
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47 + [1]pp., 12mo. Stapled. In brown printed wraps. Signed on the last page of text (p.45) 'Hbt Broome | May 1930', beneath the signature in type 'HERBERT BROOME, | March, 1930.' In fair condition, on aged and stained paper. The account begins: 'Now that the knell of Boards of Guardians has been sounded throughout the Country, and, on the 31st March next, those much maligned and long-suffering bodies will pass into obscurity, it is interesting to note certain facts connected with their birth - in particular in connection with the birth of the Kingston Board of Guardians.' After an overview (pp.1-5) beginning in the seventeenth century, there follow a transcript of the first minutes, 6 June 1836, a chronology, 'Rules and Regulations to be attended to in the Girls' Schools', 'Relieving Officer's Report', a list of 'Chairmen of the Guardians of the Kingston Union from 1836 to 1930', 'List of Members of the Board, 31st March, 1930'. No other copy traced.