[Rev. William Parr Greswell, bibliographer.] Autograph Note in the third person, informing the Manchester bookseller William Ford of the 'imperfections he observed' in Musgrave's edition of Euripides. With Autograph Note Signed ('W. F.') by Ford.

Rev. William Parr Greswell (c.1765-1854), bibliographer; William Ford (1771-1832), Manchester bookseller and print dealer
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Neither the Greswell nor the Ford with place or date.
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Greswell's letter is 1p., landscape 12mo; with Ford's note on one side of reverse. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with small central spike hole made by recipient. Greswell's letter is written in a neat, attractive hand, and begins: 'Mr. W. P. Greswell requested J. G. to compare the Glasgow Copy of Euripides with Musgrave's Edition after which it is printed & to let Mr. Ford know what imperfections he observed.' Regarding the 'Iphigenia en taurois' and 'Iphigenia en Aulidi' Greswell writes: 'By mistake from the resemblance of the titles the Binder has put together two copies of the first play & omitted wholly the second'. He notes a second fault, before concluding: 'Jn G: has sent these two vols for Mr. Ford's inspection'. On the reverse Ford writes: 'Revd Wm. Parr Greswell of Denton near Manchester in the Co. of Lancashire, a Gentleman well known by some interesting and esteemed works, as Memoirs of Angelus Politianus and other eminent Italian Scholars of the Fifteenth Century. Memoirs of the early Parisian Printers, and a Poem, entitled St. Werburgh, with notes &c. &c.'