Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Bruce Joy.') from the Anglo-Irish sculptor Albert Bruce-Joy to an unnamed female correspondent, regarding 'busts', together with part of another signed letter, giving directions for installation.

Albert Bruce-Joy [Albert Bruce Joy] (1842-1924), Anglo-Irish sculptor
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On cancelled letterheads of Chase Lodge, near Shotter Mill, Haslemere. The complete letter dated19 March 1893, the other letter undated.
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Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged and worn paper, each with pin holes in one corner. Both items in a hurried, difficult hand. ONE: To 'Dear Madam', dated 19 March 1893. Docketed 'Mr. B. Joy | 29/3/93'. 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He begins by apologising that 'your letter should not have been replied to you [sic]', as he has been 'laid up'. He asks her to inform him when 'the busts' will be needed, '& I will see whether I can send anything'. TWO: Incomplete letter, signed 'A. Bruce Joy'. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Numbered by Bruce-Joy '2'. Begins: '[...] it shd be at least 15 ft wide to allow for folds. The pedestal shd stand near the wall with only just room enough behind it to allow the curtain to hang properly - | The hanging of the other curtains is very important, so as to keep the light off the head'. He hopes that the recipient is 'not suffering too much from overwork'. In a postscript he writes: 'I have had the plan of meeting Mr. Hart several times since you left.'