'Box Office Return' for a production of 'She Stoops to Conquer' at 'The Arts Theatre Club Festival of International Comedy and Drama', filled in by hand on printed form by Mary Pupley, Box Office Keeper.

The Arts Theatre Club, London [Mary Pupley, Box Office Keeper]
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The Arts Theatre Club, London. 1 May 1949.
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1p., 4to. On aged and lightly-creased paper. Giving breakdowns for different seats in matinee and evening productions, as well as for programmes, with the number of complimentary tickets. The Arts Theatre Club was founded in 1927, 'in an attractive building in Great Newport-street shaped somewhat like the House of Commons' (Times, 9 May 1927). On its relaunch in 1933, its stated aim was 'to select plays of theatrical merit [...] with an entire disregard for their commercial possibilities' (Times, 18 December 1933). As a private club it was not subject to the Lord Chamberlain's censorship, and many important plays (Beckett, Orton and others) received early performances there.