[Printed pamphlet.] 'An Address to the Guardian Society' by 'S. T.'

'S. T.' [The Guardian Society for the Preservation of Public Morals, London]
The Guardian Society for the Preservation of Public Morals
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Dated 'London. 1817. No. XXI. Pam. Vol. XI. P'. [Extracted from volume XI of 'The Pamphleteer' (London: A. J. Valpy, Tooke's Court, Chancery-lane. 1818).]
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12mo, 28 pp, paginated [225]-252. Disbound. Text clear and complete. On lightly-aged paper, with some leaves detached. Title page reads: 'An Address to the Guardian Society. London. 1817. No. XXI. Pam. Vol. XI. P'. The following gives an impression of the sceptical tone in which this pamphlet is written. 'Your Society is declared to be, "for the preservation of public morals," a most praise-worthy and highly commendable institution. But how do you propose to preserve the public morals? Why, by "providing temporary asylums for prostitutes removed by the operation of the laws from the public streets, and affording to such of them as are destitute, employment and relief." This may be very well, so far as it goes; but it is certainly going a very short way towards the preservation of public morals.' Both this reprint from Valpy's magazine 'The Pamphleteer' and the original are scarce, with the only copies of either on COPAC at the British Library, Cambridge and LSE.