[Theatre Royal, Williamson Square, Liverpool: details of benefits.] Autograph Letter from 'Edwd. Murray' to Vernor & Hood, proprietors of ''The Monthly Mirror', giving a 'correct Statement of Benefits at the Liverpool Theatre (this season)'.

Theatre Royal, Williamson Square, Liverpool [Edward Murray; Vernor & Hood, London publishers]
Publication details: 
[Theatre Royal, Williamson Square] Liverpool. 20 September 1800.

1p, 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, and folded several times. The main text reads: 'Gentn | By inserting the following correct [last word underlined] Statement of Benefits at the Liverpool Theatre (this season) in your next Mirror you'll particularly oblige your most obt. Servt. | Edwd. Murray'. Beneath this is a list of the names of 15 individuals, with the amount of money made by each one's benefit, coming to a total of £2665. The list begins with 'Miss Murray £263' and ends with 'Mr Simmons 101'. The penultimate entry is for 'Mr Wild (Prompter) 103'.

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