Telegram [from Pollock in German to his newspaper in S. Rhodesia] reporting on the Munich Agreement between Chamberlain and Hitler at Berchtesgaden.

James Pollock, war correspondent [Adolf Hitler; Second World War; Rhodesia; Sudetenland; Munich Agreement]
Publication details: 
Stamped 'SALISBURY . S. RHODESIA | 28 SEP 38' [1938].

On one side of an 8vo leaf. Worn and creased, but with text clear and entire. Printed in red ink, and headed 'POST OFFICE TELEGRAMS, S. RHODESIA.' Four strips of text, reading 'CHAMBERLAIN POINTS AT BERCHTESGADEN HITLER SAID THE SUDETENS MUST HAVE SELF DETERMINATION AND RETURN TO THE REICH IF THEY DESIRED AND THAT RATHER THAN WAIT HE WAS PREPARED TO RISK A WORLD WAR = END MESSAGE'. From the archive of James Pollock, accredited Correspondent of Argus South African Newspapers Ltd.

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