[ Dugald Stewart; Scottish Enlightenment ] Autograph Letter Signed "Dugald Stewart" to an unnamed "Lordship" who had loaned him books with notes.

Dugald Stewart, Scottish philosopher and mathematician
Publication details: 
"Saty Evening" [no place or date].

One and a bit pages, cr. 8vo, flimsy paper, remnants of being in an album, (strip of card on left margin), some damage with no loss of letters. No "Dear Sir", commencing: "I am extremely sorry to be disappointed in my hope of waiting upon your Lordship this Evening by the return of a Cough which has been distressing me a good deal of late. As I presume you do not propose to carry your Books along with you, I shall take charge of the two volumes you lent me, till your return, unless you send me directions to the contrary.

Fragment of Autograph Statement or Letter Signed (last page).

Alessandro Chiapelli, Italian philosopher
Publication details: 
No place or date on this page.

One page, 8vo, text as follows (square brackets when I can't read the Italian): "mova, come le antiche che la [?] a maestro d' sapienza politica e d'arte luminosa, è e [infende?] d'essere [affermazinne?] d'cultura e d'intellectualita. Il chiedere a gran voce l'istituzione d'una universitata italiana d'una universita italiana a Trieste, è [?] [affermaginnne?] d'italianita & d'civita: e nessu no [?] contrastar quella, senza rinnegar questa."

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