Manuscript 'expert's Report of the Malacate Mines' in Mexico by metallurgist Edward Halse, ARSM, MIMM, prepared for Messrs Bourke, Sandys & Co, London, with three Typed Letters Signed from the firm, to R. Hanrott (2), and Hon. M. E. M. Sandys.

Edward Halse (d.1935), ARSM, MIMM, metallurgist [The Malacate Syndicate Limited; Malacate Mines, Mexico]
Publication details: 
The three letters all from 7 Austin Friars, London, and all dating from August 1895. Halse's report undated, but slightly earlier.

Halse's report, to Messrs Bourke, Sandys & Co., London, is headed 'Malacate'. 16pp., 8vo. Neatly written out, with marginal chapter headings, beginning: 'Situation of Mines', 'Roads', 'Freight Rates', 'Mining Claims', 'Timber and Water', 'History of the Property and Titles'.

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