Five items relating to Horton's application for permission to operate a wireless telegraph, including his 'Licence to establish wireless telegraphy station for experiments in wireless telegraphy'.

John Laurence Horton (1915-1997), British analytical chemist and radio ham [Wireless Telegraphy Acts, 1904-1926; Post Office Telegrams; Postmaster General; General Post Office]
Publication details: 
All 1939.

All five items in good condition, with a little rust spotting from a staple. A little wear to the edge of item two, not affecting text. Four of the five stamped with Horton's call sign '2AHN'. Item One: a printed leaflet (4to, 2 pp), dated GENERAL POST OFFICE, | London | March, 1939.', headed 'B | EXPERIMENTS IN WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY | [...] | AUTHORITY FOR SENDING AND RECEIVING | SUMMARY OF CONDITIONS OF ISSUE | NOTE. - All sending stations must also be equipped for reception'. Item Two: Typewritten copy of Horton's 'Application for Experimental Licence 25th.

Autograph Letter Signed to Edmund [?].

Abram Rawlinson Barclay [Quakers; Banking]
Publication details: 
17 September 1841; 'Leytonstone near London'.

Quaker author, editor and member of the London banking family (fl.1847), several of whose manuscripts are now in the Society of Friends' Library. Eight pages, quarto. Good, on lightly creased and discoloured paper. A long 'improving' letter. Begins by discussing his return from Polam in Bedfordshire, and a railway journey taking in York.

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