[Bellevue Hospital, New York, Wood Museum.] Printed item: 'Catalogue of the "Wood" Museum of Bellevue Hospital, New York City, comprising a descriptive and classified list of Anatomical and Pathological Specimens.'

Bellevue Hospital, New York, Wood Museum [James Rushmore Wood (1816-1882), surgeon, 'Anatomical and Pathological Specimens']
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[Bellevue Hospital, New York.] Department Press. 1880.
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vi + 257pp, 8vo. In good condition, tight and clean, on lightly-aged paper. In good modern binding of grey card, with new endpapers, and the title-page reproduced on the front cover. Containing entries on 2224 specimens in the following twenty-six categories (each with further subheadings): 'Bones of Skeleton', 'Nervous System', 'Circulatory System', 'Respiratory System', 'Digestive System', 'Urinary System', 'Ductless Glands', 'Genito Urinary System', 'Thyroid Body or Gland', 'Female Organs of Generation', 'Foetal Development', 'Monsters (Single)', 'Monsters (Double)', 'Tumors', 'Anatomical Preparations', 'Surgical Specimens', 'Casts and Models', 'Collection of Papier Mache Models', 'Respiratory System', 'Circulatory System', 'Digestive System', 'Urinary System', 'Genito Urinary System', 'Histological Specimens', 'Skin Diseases' and 'Comparative Anatomy'. The volume begins with a list of the hospital's officers and a dedication. After the table of contents come a preface and transcript of the 'Deed of the "Wood" Museum'. The catalogue is followed by a 'List of Contributors to the Wood Museum'. No copy in the Wellcome Library, nor in any other British library apart from that of the Royal College of Surgeons. The only copies on OCLC WorldCat are in American and Australian institutions.