[John William Mellor, Recorder of Grantham.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Jno. Mellor') to fellow-barrister Samuel Danks Waddy, regarding a 'Slave circular', 'a new opportunity for Grantham', the Cust family, and the North-Eastern Circuit.

John William Mellor (1835-1911), English barrister, both Recorder of Grantham and Liberal Member of Parliament for that place [Samuel Danks Waddy (1830-1902), barrister and Liberal M.P.]
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On letterhead of 16 Sussex Square, Hyde Park, W. [London] 4 February 1876.
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly worn and aged, with minor trace of mount on second leaf. Waddy's letter 'fortifies' his own opinions, and he would 'certainly not neglect a new opportunity for Grantham which is manifestly attended with real uncertainty owing to the local influence of the Custs'. He feels that rather than being 'given up', Grantham should be 'seriously attended to'. He next endorses the North-Eastern circuit: 'each place is good! - There will be always more causes at Leeds than at al the Mid circuit places including additions & as long as there is a strong Bar business will come there - on the Midland the tendency will be to London & looking to the future I am all for NE Circuit. or all for London & Westminster'. Changing the subject, he writes: 'Slave circular requires care in dealing with it | In point of abstract law I may be right it was foolish to bring the captains duty to a fast line. Hitherto it has always worked in favour of the Slave - He has always some how escaped & the Captain has always contrived so to manage that he should - | Complaints may have arisen but what if [sic] that compared with the fact of escape somehow!' Waddy 'may have to speak', and should turn over 'the above hint' in his mind.' He is well but his brothers 'have ordered me not to come out'. Note: a response to the "Slave Circular" (fugitive slaves) discussed in Parliament in this year.