[Offprint.] Fallacies concerning the deaf, and the Influence of these Fallacies in preventing the Amelioration of their Condition. [...] With remarks by Dr. E. M. Gallaudet and Hon. Gardiner G. Hubbard.

Alexander Graham Bell; Dr. E. M. Gallaudet; Hon. Gardiner G. Hubbard [The Philosophical Society of Washington; The American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb]
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An Address delivered before the Philosophical Society of Washington, October 27, 1883. Reprinted from the American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb for January, 1884. Washington D.C. Gibson Brothers, Printers. 1884.
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39pp., 8vo. Front cover of printed wraps present, with 'With the Author's Compliments' printed in top left-hand corner. In fair condition, lightly-aged, with shelfmarks, label and stamp of the Science & Art Department of the Education Library. In tasteful modern quarter-bound boards of light and dark grey paper, with white printed label on front. Headings: 'Fallacies concerning the dumbness of deaf children', 'Fallacy concerning the intelligence of deaf children', 'Fallacies regarding the nature of speech', 'Ignorance the real difficulty in the way of teaching deaf children to speak', 'The old fallacy - "Without speech, no reason."', 'Articulation teaching in America', 'Upon the art of understanding speech by the eye', 'Fallacies regarding speech-reading', 'Requisites to the art of speech-reading', 'Gesture-language', 'The fallacy that a gesture-language is the only form of language that is natural to the congenitally deaf', 'The sign-language of our institutions', 'Why the deaf employ a gesture-language', 'Harmful results of the sign-language', 'Why the English language should be substituted for the sign-language as a vernacular', 'Conclusion'. Uncommon: no copies on COPAC and six copies (all in American libraries) on OCLC WorldCat.