Printed poster by University College, London, advertising 'A Course of Lectures on "Radioactivity"' by Sir William Ramsay,Nobel Prize winner, and courses of lectures by E. C. C. Baly, J. H. K. Inglis ('In and N. T. M. Wilsmore.

T. Gregory Foster, Ph.D., Principal, University College, London (University of London) [Sir William Ramsay; Edward Charles Cyril Baly; J. H. K. Inglis; N. T. M. Wilsmore]
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University College, London (University of London). Ramsay's lectures advertised for 18 October 1904, Baly's for 4 November 1904 and 3 February 1905, Inglis's for 17 October 1904, and Wilsmore's for 11 October 1904.
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1p., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, aged and worn, with stamp, label and shelfmark of the Board of Education Library. Signed in type at foot by 'T. GREGORY FOSTER, Ph.D., | Principal.' Laid out in the usual variety of types and point sizes. The poster gives details of the lectures and cost. Ramsay's course will 'treat of the Chemical aspects of the recent discoveries connected with radio-active matter'; Baly's, on Spectroscopy', are dealt with at length, his syllabus dealing with 'Historical development and the determination of the modern standards of wave length'; Inglis will lecture on 'Recent advances in inorganic chemistry'; and Wilsmore on 'Electro-Chemistry'.