['Francesca Marton' [Margaret Bellasis], historical novelist.] Typed Letter Signed ('Margaret Bellasis | "Francesca Marton') to 'Mr. Wiener', agreeing to give a talk to his 'Society' and discussing a BBC radio adapation of her work by Lance Sieveking

Margaret Bellasis [Margaret Rosa Bellasis], historial novelist under the pseudonym 'Francesca Marton' [Lance Sieveking (1896-1972), English writer and BBC radio and television producer]
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"Pilot's Cottage", 35 Victoria Road, Deal, Kent. 2 March 1968.
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2pp., 12mo. 36 lines. She begins by accepting an invitation to give a talk to Wiener's 'Society', about which she has 'hears so much'. She is 'honoured to add my name to such a distinguished roll of speakers'. She next explains why she believes radio to be 'infinitely superior to TV'. She next turns to 'Mr. Sieveking's adaptation', which she considers 'very clever, as he had to leave out the descriptions which formed such an important part of the book. He allowed me to see and criticise all his scripts, too. I'm so glad you are liking the result. Isn't the signature-tune pleasing? Something by Dvorak.' She suggests the title 'Writing About the Past' for her talk: 'I have spoken on this before; and as, in addition to four novels set in the past, I hahve published two serious historical studies under my own name, I have some material.'